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The Big Matt Damon Fracking Movie

October 22, 2012

Promised Land, filmed on location, starring Matt Damon… This is the trailer you’ve been trolling for!

Matt Damon is Steve, a charismatic Marcellus landman having a drastic change of heart. “I’m selling them the only way they have to get back.” John Kraskinski is the farmer whose land has been destroyed by the gas industry. “We’re not fighting for land, Steve, we’re fighting for people.” And Frances McDormand is the sassy voice of reason… Has Oscar written all over it. Can’t wait.

“Promised Land” Casting Call in Pennsylvania

May 4, 2012

When Hollywood comes a knockin’ to make a movie in your state about a vitally important issue, you gotta say thanks. Opposition to Fracking, once you recognize that unconventional shale gas drilling cannot be done safely – not in the long-term or short-term – becomes like common sense, and you wonder why more people don’t share it. You hope they will, before it’s too late, and it really helps to have people as talented as Matt Damon and Gus van Sant around to help tell the story of Pennsylvania’s Gas Boom. I’m thankful that “Promised Land” – hailed by The Huffington Post as an “anti-fracking movie” – began filming in the Pittsburgh area in April, no doubt much to Corbett’s jowly chagrin. It’s all good, babe. (more…)