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Southeastern PA Republicans Oppose Local Zoning Restrictions in SB1100/HB1950

February 2, 2012

State Senator Erickson Too Sensible for Harrisburg

It’s not everyday you meet a Pennsylvania State Senator. Rarer still do you have an hour-long discussion about Marcellus shale gas with a Republican who, along with eight members of his caucus, opposes key points in Governor Corbett’s Marcellus bill, SB1100. (more…)

PA Republicans Murt & DiGirolamo Oppose Corbett’s Paltry Impact Fee, Propose 4.9% Gas Tax

November 7, 2011

UPDATE: November 13, 2011: Supporters of DiGirolamo’s amendment to the widely debated HB1950 are set to begin running a Radio Ad tomorrow.

Drilling Tax vs. Impact Fee

Reps. Gene DiGirolamo (R-18th District, Bucks) and Tom Murt (R-152nd District, Montgomery/Philadelphia) are a great example of democracy at work. Last week, as Pennsylvania Senate pro tempore, Joe Scarnati (R-25th District) deleted much of the impact fee language from his bill, SB1100, these two Republicans saw their star on the rise. DiGirolamo, who is known to advocate for seniors, and Murt, whose Child Labor Bill passed the House earlier this year, are proposing HB 1863 – a healthy, widely distributed tax on Marcellus Shale drilling. Make no mistake, the gentlemen from Southeastern PA are breaking with Republican party leadership on this issue as they valiantly attempt to fill the common sense void in Harrisburg.  (more…)

Delaware Riverkeepers Oppose SB 1100 – The Scarnati Bill

June 16, 2011

The Delaware Riverkeepers oppose Senate Bill 1100 – the Scarnati Impact Fees Bill. They are organizing a petition against it. “We need Pennsylvania residents to speak out and urge their elected officials to vote NO on Senate Bill 1100  introduced by Senate President Joe Scarnati should it come to the House or Senate floor. We oppose SB1100 because it would trade the rights of citizens and local governments for drilling fees and taxes.  A democratic society supports local decision-making. Pennsylvania’s citizens must be able to have input into the laws and practices that affect them and municipal officials must be able to represent their constituents.” SOURCE:

To sign learn more about the DelawareRiverkeepers position and current actions Opposing Hydraulic Fracturing, click here.

“Irresponsible to Forgo a Drilling Tax” Says PA Budget & Policy Center

June 11, 2011

On Thursday, June 9, 2011, Michael Wood, Research Director of the Pennsylvania Budget and Policy Center testified before a House Democratic Policy Committee Hearing on Marcellus Shale in Philadelphia. To read the complete text of Woods’ testimony, visit:

Here, a few highlights: (more…)