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What’s In Your Water? Chloramine.

May 17, 2012

Drinking water disinfection is among the most important technological advances of humanity, yet like every major historic development it has a downside. Today, we run the risk of over-ingesting the disinfection chemicals used in public water treatment, along with their dangerous disinfection bi-products. It’s a bummer to know what’s really in our water – everything from naturally occurring radioactive contaminants to anti-depressants. Some toxins, such as chlorine, are relatively easy to filter out. Others, like chloramine, and disinfection biproducts (DBPs) such as chloroform (CHC13), are much slower to dissipate and far more difficult to remove. These are the toxins believed to cause cancer.


Voice of Reason, Or Equivocation? Seamus McGraw Stirs Shale Gas Debate

September 13, 2011

If you live in Pennsylvania, and you haven’t read it yet, download/buy/borrow The End of Country right now. Done? Author Seamus McGraw is not only well-informed, he’s irreverent and blunt. To wit, his recent post on Facebook: “I’ve long argued that the two most dangerous chemicals that are used far too liberally in the fracking process are testosterone and adrenaline.”

As a man who facilitated the leasing of his mother’s land to Chesapeake Energy (testosterone), he is often perceived to be a part of the problem by angry fractivists (adrenaline). I would suggest that here’s a guy, a self-proclaimed environmentalist and early biofuel user, who understands the very real dangers of fracking, (more…)

The End of Country by Seamus McGraw: A Great Fracking Read!

July 3, 2011

You may already know what fracking is, but The End of Country (Random House) deftly illuminates the way it is done. Set in a small town in the Endless Mountains of Pennsylvania, where gas drillers have come a knockin’ along with grand promises and grave pitfalls, author Seamus McGraw recounts how fracking has turned his mother’s quiet rural community, and his family legacy, inside out. (more…)

PopularMechanics Explains Frack Flowback Eruption to Lug Heads

May 13, 2011

The radical, Ultra-Left leaning publication, Popular Mechanics, published an illuminating article about what happened when Chesapeake Energy workers lost containment of a gas well in Bradford County, PA  in April, 2011. This is the largest gas drilling accident in Pennsylvania to date, among hundreds of serious drilling accidents and spills which have already occurred. PopularMechanics concluded that the same failed containment technology which precipitated the BP Gulf Disaster in 2010, was also the culprit in the massive, immeasurable spill of toxic water into nearby Towanda creek, a tributary to the Susquehanna in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed, and source of drinking water for the Harrisburg area. They report that while the blowout protector in the Atgas 2H in Bradford did not fail, it definitely broke.