No-Budget, High-Brow Anti-Fracking Slogans

(i.e. They’re free.) Help yourself, share the wit, and see you at Stop The Frack Attack! on Saturday, July 28 in Washington DC!

Hey Obama: Don’t Pass Gas!

Don’t Frack Your Mother

Thou Shale Not Frack

“Safe Fracking” Is a Fairy Tale

Methane Blows

Kill The Drill

Solar Doesn’t Spill

Frack Barack!

Drill, Baby, Burn!

They Get Rich. You Get Cancer.

Once You Frack, You Can’t Go Back  

You Can’t Drink Money

No Water. No Future.

Frack is Wack

What part of turning water into toxic sludge makes sense?

Love your lake… Don’t frack it!

No Frickin Frackin!

Farmers Not Frackers

Let Them Drink Gas

Fracking Creates A River of Doubt

Keep The Frack Out Of My Water

Health Over Profit

Fire The Climate Deniers!

We’re Heard This Frack Before

Let Them Drink Benzene!

Don’t Be Frackin’ Crazy!

Fraccidents Happen, And Happen…

Go Solar Now!

Get The Frack Out!

Save Philly Water Ice

NOPE: Not On Planet Earth

Listen To The Many, Not The Money!

Thank You for Not Leasing

Stop Fracking US!

Fracking: F-Bomb of the Future

Water & Fracking Don’t Mix

Not So Fast, Natural Gas

No Fracking Required



Got Slogan?

Post `em in the Comments. Thanks!

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9 Responses to “No-Budget, High-Brow Anti-Fracking Slogans”

  1. Susan Multer Says:

    Here are three more:

    Health before wealth

    All watersheds are sacrosanct

    What’s wrong with fracking? There is no planet B.

    Susan Multer

  2. Stephanie Low Says:

    Fracking is insane–bad for water, bad for us, bad for the planet. Stop it.

  3. Stephanie Low Says:

    No planet B–stop fracking

  4. Pat Ashley Says:

    Marcellus is NOT your friend. Friends don’t poison your water.

  5. Eileen Muse Says:

    You can’t sell us on Marcellus. Talk Frack – Talk Smack.

  6. Eileen Muse Says:

    I’d rather breathe and bathe in clean, not benzene.

  7. The Year Fractivism Exploded « Keep Tap Water Safe Says:

    […] 5.  No Budget, High-Brow Anti-Fracking Slogans […]

  8. amanda kissandhug Says:

    what the frack is going on

  9. Matilda Says:

    Get the FRACK off our land!

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