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No-Budget, High-Brow Anti-Fracking Slogans

July 22, 2012

(i.e. They’re free.) Help yourself, share the wit, and see you at Stop The Frack Attack! on Saturday, July 28 in Washington DC!

Hey Obama: Don’t Pass Gas!

Don’t Frack Your Mother

Thou Shale Not Frack

“Safe Fracking” Is a Fairy Tale

Methane Blows

Kill The Drill

Solar Doesn’t Spill

Frack Barack!

Drill, Baby, Burn!

They Get Rich. You Get Cancer.

Once You Frack, You Can’t Go Back   (more…)

If The Delware River Had Exxon’s Ad Budget

July 25, 2011

Anti-Fracking Slogns, Help Yourself! Feel free to share yours in the Comments.

“Hey, Liz, Exxon called, they said Frack You!” My mom is giggling like a naughty kid, and while I know she thinks she’s being clever, I’ve heard that one before. Fractivists are way more highbrow than that! Here are a few of the best slogans I’ve seen:

Hey Obama: Don’t Pass Gas!

Frack is Wack
Methane Blows

Solar Doesn’t Spill

Drill, Baby, Burn!

Get The Frack Out!
They Get Rich. You Get Cancer.
Can’t Drink Money


Love Your River
Health Over Profit

Don’t Be Fracking Crazy!

Fraccidents Happen

Solar Now!
Save Philly Water Ice!
A River Is A Terrible Thing to Waste
NOPE: Not On Planet Earth
Thank You for Not Leasing

Stop Fracking US!

Fracking: F-Bomb of the Future
Water & Fracking Don’t Mix

Not So Fast, Natural Gas